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slavehood and bdsm
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"The distinction between BDSM and barbarism can be summed up in one word: consent. To avoid confusion, I reserve the term "slavery" for the sort of violence visited on African-Americans, among others, in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. When speaking of consensual erotic submission, I use the term "slavehood." I prefer the word "slavehood," because it expresses a personal vocation rather than a social institution."
from Erotic Slavehood: A Miss Abernathy Omnibus by Christina Abernathy.

Slavehood as a concept is highly subjective, and our working definition isn't the only definition that there is or could be of 'slavehood' as a term, nor is it meant to encompass all that slavehood is, but it is a jumping off point, and a base definition, with the ability to have additional definitions and dimensions added to it.

Our working definition of slavehood is one which encompasses and expands on the quote of Miss Abernathy's which began this community.
Slavehood involves trust, consent/personal vocation, and egalitarianism. Trust is necessary in order to have consent and to build a relationship of any type, but especially a M/s relationship. The roles of both Owner and slave are equally valued, as they are both extremely important and one cannot exist or thrive without the other. We do not as a whole assume that anyone is naturally or inherently unequal, or that one gender or another is naturally dominant while the other is naturally submissive. We view D/s, M/s, O/s, etc. as roles which one has consented into by personal vocation. These roles may be natural to you, but they are not considered natural when generalized to a greater population (e.g. a specific gender, race, etc.). Of course, in a M/s relationship, there is inequality which occurs, however, this inequality is between the parties involved, and has to do with the role which each person willingly inhabits as opposed to anything inherent or natural. Neither Owner or slave are inherently unequal to each other, but all inequality within the relationship is a result of consent/personal vocation.

This community is open to everyone, Top, Dom/me, Master/Mistress, bottom, sub, slave, poly, mono, queer, bi, straight, gay, lesbian, trans, those of any gender, any orientation, any sexual proclivities, even those questioning their involvement in bdsm, those questioning their orientation, those questioning their self, their life, their anything and everything.

This community is for people to share their minds, specifically in the categories of consensual erotic slavehood, BDSM, or things related to those two. Ranting is accepted, as long as it's not hate-filled, racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, etc. and as long as it is on topic. Spilling your mind about bdsm/slavehood issues and letting us all discuss it is highly welcome.

This community is not for community or event pimping, there are plenty of other communities for that. Personal ads are also not allowed, or simply asking for friends. If you are looking for new lj friends, post an introduction and mention that people are free to add you, or check out addme_sexlj, addme_bdsm or addme_kinky. We do not allow poetry or fiction unless it has something to do with specific questions you might have regarding slavehood and/or BDSM. This is also not the place for a review of your latest scene or other general life experiences unless you have a specific question or comment regarding it.

The usual rules apply: no drama, no flaming, no racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/etc. remarks, RESPECT is key, coherent posts only, please be knowledgeable in basic spelling and grammar, etc. Rules are subject to change at any time.

This community is friends only, as this is very personal. This is also 18+ as it deals with sexual content and sexuality, and so you must have at least your birth year visible on your profile or else you will be deleted this is very common, so I'm hoping this won't be a problem.


Feel free (please) post an introduction if/when you join! We love to know about the people in here. =)

Some information you can use to create your introduction (if you want, or just do your own free-style):
-Name/nickname/what you want to be called:
-Gender identity:
-D/s role identity:
-What slavehood means to you:
-Relationship status:
-BDSM likes/kinks:
-BDSM dislikes/limits/turn-offs:
-Hobbies/quirks/anything you want us to know about you:
-What do you want to get out of this community?
-Anything else you want to add!
-A picture? (behind a cut--VERY optional)

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